Our Trainers & Co-Owners


Ian Cooper has been a trainer, instructor and consultant in the fitness industry in the Los Angeles area since 2001. He is excited to bring his knowledge and enthusiasm to own his own gym after years of being a sought after expert in the field of fitness. At the age of 51 he wants to bring his love of boxing, kickboxing and personal training to everyone no matter what their age or background. His motto is LAUGH A LITTLE SWEAT A LOT!


Yuichi Ohi has been training in the greater Los Angeles Area since 2000. He has extensive background and training in Boxing, Jui Jitsu , Grappling and Judo. Yuichi has trained in Judo starting at an early age under his own father and renowned 6th Degree Black Belt Mastoshi Ohi. Over the past 11 years Yuichi has worked with many famous actors shaping them up for their roles in such productions as Transformers and The Great Gatsby. Certified thru NASM as a specialist in both personal training and nutrition, Yuichi is renowned for his work with all fitness levels of clientele. His approach in training is an Organic and Holistic style with Yuich’s motto being.. WHAT MATTERS MOST IS THAT MY CLIENTS ARE HAPPY AND HEALTHY!!!

Yuichi is excited to work with all our members and staff in making LAKO the best gym in Los Angeles.

Our Trainers


Army Vet Joseph Silva comes to LAKO with a 8-2 record in Muay Thai and over 5 yrs of training others in Boxing, HITT, Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Josephs love of martial arts is infectious and brings great energy.


Nate comes to LAKO as a 2014 Pro-AM Title Belt Winner along with 3 other Muay Thai and K1 Kickboxing Championship Belts. As a trainer Nate focuses on crafting well rounded fighters and clients.  One is his greatest passions is helping people be their best selves.


Mahogany has been training others for over 4 years in boxing.  She has over 13 fights as an amateur and a finalist in both New York and Southern California Golden Gloves in 2019. Her love of boxing translates to all ages and levels!


Edwin has been training in boxing for over 13 yrs and kickboxing for over 5 yrs. He has now been training others at LAKO for over a year and is one of our most popular instructors and due to his ability to train all levels.


Andrei is an example of how martial arts, weight training, and nutrition combine for maximum benefit. Originally 220lbs, Andrei used his skills and knowledge to reduce down to a mean, lean 168 fighting machine. Training now others for over 5 years in boxing, kickboxing and weight loss, Andrei brings his energy and positive attitude to LAKO BOXING.


Jon brings a unique background as a 6-1 fighter and a Hip Hop Dancer/Choregorapher to LAKO. With over 13 yrs training in Boxing, Kickboxing, and Jui Jitsu Jon enjoys working with everyone and we know everyone will enjoy working with him!


Justin comes to LAKO as a Marine Corps Martial Art expert with over 10 years background as a  personal trainer and kickboxing/muay thai instructor.  With his knowledge of Kinesiology  and being a 2 time Pankrate  tournament finalist, Justin brings very well rounded areas of knowledge to the ring!


He’s been training in MMA for over 6 yrs and in other martial arts for over 10 years. He is a 3x NAGA Champion (Heavyweight) and 2x National Gracie World Heavyweight Champion. Louie has been training others for 4 years and now will bring his skills to LAKO!


Jake is a former golden glove champion who has trained himself with world champions. Winning numerous silver and gold medals in competitions Jake has the talent needed in boxing but more importantly the love of the sport to be training others now for over 10 years.


He’s 10 years of training in Muay Thai, kick boxing, and boxing under 5 world champion Kathy Long. He’s competed in Jiu-Jitsu,Judo, boxing, kick boxing and full rules Muay Thai. He holds a black belt in kick-boxing and yellow belt in kung Fu San Soo under Kathy Long. He also holds a purple belt in Judo under Mike Verdugo. He’s competed in boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo and has an amateur record of 2-0 in boxing and 8-3 Muay Thai.


He has over 20 years as a martial arts practitioner plus 12 years as an instructor in hapkido, jiu jitzu and boxing in his own right, Anthony brings both his love of teaching and experience to our studio. Anthony is a 3rd degree black belt in hapkido, holds a instructor certification in hapkido and is CPR certified by the Red Cross. His unusual combination of intellect, knowledge and love of fitness is what makes him so popular as a instructor.


He’s an internationally known instructor, trainer, practitioner in Kickboxing and MMA for over 20 yrs. “The Fight Professor” is also a very well respected TV host and commentator for such famous fight organizations such as PRIDE, K-1,STRIKEFORCE, and CAGE RAGE to name just a few. Stephens expertise in all areas of the fight game is legendary.


Brandon comes to LAKO BOXING with over 15 yrs of Various Martial Arts and Tournament Fighting. He also has black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Brandon holds a BA degree in Health and Science plys has a EMT_B Certification. Brandon love of boxing, jui jitsu and Muay Thai is evident in his training of our clients.

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We are located at:

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