Recovery Room

The Recovery Room is dedicated to Rapid Mind and Body Rejuvenation and Repair. Recovery Therapy has completely revolutionized the world of sports lending to the decrease or exclusion of injury, world record-breaking performances, and athletes competing long past historical retirement ages. Recovery Therapy increases blood circulation, which helps remove waste products from soft tissue that have been broken down by intense exercise. Fresh blood flow then delivers nutrients that help repair and rebuild muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Our current menu for our services include are:

Cupping with Gua Sha Therapy

(Muscle and Tissue Scraping)

Improves circulation, reduces inflammation and lactic acid, increases range of motion, reduces tension, removes sore muscle pain, and works to decrease stress, depression, and anxiety throughout the body and mind.


Mechanical Compression Leggings Therapy

Constriction compression massage therapy treats muscle soreness and breaks up lactic acid which accelerates rapid recovery and muscle repair.


Mechanical Electrode Therapy

(Small electrical impulses are delivered to the affected area of the body)

Electrical muscle stimulation promotes healing and rapid repair through direct and indirect removal of inflammation and increased circulation to the affected area.


(30 mins.)

Mechanical Theragun Pro Therapy

The Theragun Pro delivers dynamic therapeutic massage revolutions directly into sore and strained muscles. This therapy dramatically reduces lactic acid and reduces recovery time, soreness and tightness which increases range of motion.


(30 mins.)


(60 mins.)

Red Light Therapy

Red light is directed to affected areas of the body to aid in rapid recovery, skin and soft tissue rebound and repair. Red light can be used on any part of the body including the face which helps with anti-aging and rejuvenation.


(30 mins.)

Ice Therapy

Professional grade physical therapy ice packs are wrapped to incase affected areas in the maximum benefits this age old therapy has to offer. Forced and systemic icing of sore and tight muscles and injuries will rapidly reduce pain, swelling and recovery time.


(30 mins.)

Ear Acupressure with Ear Seeds Therapy

Stimulates the brain to heal the ailment associated with the acupressure pressure point activated. Reduces pain, inflammation, discomfort, stress and anxiety.


(per seed)


(press & release 4 times)

Body Composition Test

We are now offering Body Composition Testing with Our In Body Industry Elite Testing System! Why test your body composition? This device helps you see your body mass index number, your body fat percentage, and even what your right arm weighs in comparison to your left arm. These values are real and accurate and will not be skewed like with some other methods. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you want to get an exact look at your ongoing progress and success, body composition is a vital tool in achieving your health goals. Body composition testing helps to point you in the exact direction needed to achieve greater levels of fitness echelon. If you are already a personal training client you have free access to the test throughout your personal training journey. When you sign up for personal training we will start by testing your body composition to get you going and test you throughout your training!





(Gym Special: Purchase a package of 5 sessions)


per session

Please note: Services are performed by Certified LAKO Trainer/Team Members